Curated Collection | Kominka Winter Experience Package 

– 2-night stay at a Komina with all-inclusive experience program

– Hong Kong TIA levy

– Travel Industry Compensation Fund (TICF) Protected (For more information, please visit Travel Industry Authority website)

– Applicable departure date: Dec 2023 – Feb 2024

Per Person (min. 2 person)

$13,200 up

*Photos are for reference only


For those seeking a unique and off-the-beaten-path experience in Japan, look no further than the renovated “Kominkas”, these traditional houses are minimalist architectural masterpieces. Our bespoke 3-day-2-night all-inclusive packages offer a fresh perspective on this hidden gems in Japan that is often overlooked by repeat visitors.

Soyomo Kominka

Nestled in the mountains of Maibara City, Shiga Prefecture, Soyomo was renovated from an old Japanese-style house, and retains the beauty of the wooden frame while being arranged to provide warmth even in the snow-covered winter. The lush greenery of summer and the snowfall of winter, all remain as fond memories in the hearts of travelers.

Chikubuyuuan Kominka 

Chikubuyuan remains as it is, and the facilities such as baths, toilets and kitchens are equipped with modern facilities and air conditioning, floor heating are provided as measures against heat and cold, providing a comfortable living environment. You can enjoy luxury traditional “Kominka” home life as it is equipped with an “Irori” hearth, a family bath of a rattan, and a duvet.

Senzariou Kominka

Senzariou was established in the year 1764 (during the Hōreki era) in Yōrō. Inspired by the auspicious occasion of Emperor Motoharu’s visit, commemorating a thousand years, it was named Senzariou. In the year 1880, under the direction of Prefectural Official Toshinori Kosaki and Lord Matsugata was created by local volunteers. Shortly after, Senzariou was rebuilt on the hillside, 500 meters downstream from the waterfall, offering the most picturesque views.

Private tours and experiences in Kominka program 

Indulge in an extraordinary 3 day, 2 night experience at Kominka located in the picturesque Shiga region. This winter vacation offers a range of activities, including skiing at the renowned Oibuki Ski Resort, sightseeing excursions, invigorating hot spring experiences, and savoring a variety of delectable local cuisine, such as tofu hot pot and succulent grilled Omi beef. Get ready for an unforgettable winter holiday filled with cherished memories. (For more itinerary information, please refer to the complete schedule.)
Dec 2023 schedule
Feb 2024 schedule

Curated Collection | Kominka Winter Experience Package

Package includes:

  • 2-night Kominka accommodation with all-inclusive program
    – Round-trip transfer from Maibara Shinkansen and Kominka
    – Private car during Kominka program hours
    – Private tours and experiences in Kominka program (refer the schedule)
    – Meals provided (refer the schedule)
    – Ski equipment rental
    – Ski Cable car pass
  • Hong Kong TIA levy
  • Travel Industry Compensation Fund (TICF) Protected (For more information, please visit Travel Industry Authority website)
Period Kominka NameTotal in HK$ 
(per person)
(Min.2 persons)
Extra Person
(Per Person)
(Max. 4 person)
Extra Person
Child 7 – 12 yrs)
(Per Person)
(Max. 4 person)
23 – 26 Dec 2023Soyomo

13,200 up 

 6,600 up
27 – 30 Dec 2023
13 – 15 Feb 2024 
13,200 up
(27 – 30 Dec 2023)
17,050 up 
(13 – 15 Feb 204)
9,900 up
13 – 15 Feb 2024Senzariou
17,050 up 

Maximum 8 persons including accompanying child/children.
Inclusive of stay, meals and activities as stated in the program schedule, unless otherwise stated
All prices, taxes, surcharges and availabilities quoted by Club Travel’s consultant are for reference only, and are subject to final confirmation at the time of booking
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The above content does not include:

  • Round-trip airfare ;
  • Skiwear rental ;
  • Miscellaneous items in the hotel (such as telephone charges or laundry charges or Internet access charges, etc.) ;
  • Travel documents, visa fees ;
  • Single room and extra bed surcharge ;
  • any type of travel insurance ;
  • All items not listed above ;

Private Tours and Experiences in Kominka Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. The timing of the itinerary may be subject to changes based on the traffic conditions on the day of the tour. The actual situation on the day will prevail.
  2. The specified duration for each stop is for reference only. The tour guide may adjust the itinerary order and the duration of stops/arrivals based on the road conditions, weather, festivals, and other factors. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated.
  3. In case of special traffic conditions, the skiing time may be adjusted. No claims for compensation or refunds can be made on this basis.
  4. Outdoor activities involve certain risks and potential dangers. When considering participating in any activities included or provided in the itinerary, guests must assess their suitability based on their own health and abilities. It is recommended to purchase personal travel insurance that covers relevant activities. In case of accidents causing bodily harm or fatality, the responsibility and expenses will be covered by the insurance company. Our staff and related personnel will provide full assistance in case of unfortunate incidents.
  5. In the event of natural disasters, war, strikes, or other uncontrollable circumstances, or additional expenses incurred due to circumstances beyond our control (such as extended accommodation, meals, and transportation), including but not limited to traffic delays, flight cancellations, or rescheduling.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Booking within 14 days departure is not accepted.
  2. The package price quotation is based on two travelers sharing one room.
  3. The quotation prices are calculated based on the lowest price of hotels and surcharges of the day. The actual prices may subject to change without prior notice. All prices, taxes, surcharges and availabilities quoted by Club Travel’s consultant are for reference only and are subject to final confirmation at the time of booking.
  4. The room that has been booked must be checked in within the specified date, otherwise it will be invalid.
  5. The check-in guest must be at least 18 years of age. The hotel requires the guest to pay a deposit or present a credit card upon check in.
  6. Once the products are confirmed, they cannot be changed, cancelled, rescheduled or refunded. This package is not transferrable, and cannot be resold, otherwise the confirmation will be voided. Due to the uncertain situation of Covid-19, all arrangement including but not limited to hotels are subject to Terms and Conditions of the service provider in response to the latest situation. 
  7. The offers cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers, discounts or cash coupons. 
  8. Designated package prices are only applicable two adults travelling together. All itineraries must be the same. All accompanying guests must book together.
  9. Unless otherwise specified, the quotation is based on an adult occupying half a room. If you need to change to a single room or inquire about the price of a child (2-11 years old), please call 183 3100 or email to for enquiries. 
  10. Please check all personal and itinerary information each time you receive an itinerary quotation or confirmation, including but not limited to hotel check-in slips, tickets or other travel vouchers.
  11. When you reserve a build-a-tour, please provide to the Club Travel consultant with all guests’ full names in English on the valid travel documents for arrangement of reservations.
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  15. Both at the time of booking and prior to your departure, you are responsible for reviewing all special conditions or requirements relating to your booking with both the accommodation provider and/or local authority. Should you have any questions, please reach out directly to the service providers. Please note, failure to adhere to any of these conditions or requirements may impact your booking. Club Travel is not responsible for your failure to adhere to any special conditions or requirements. 
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